Welcome to Jamaica White Spaces

The Jamaica Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, in conjunction with Microsoft and the NetHope Consortium, has announced the development of broadband access in Jamaica utilizing TV Whitespace technology. This pilot project focuses on the use of TV White Space technology to expand access to the internet in major population centers - as well as townships and villages - across Jamaica, with emphasis on individuals living in more rural areas. Projects such as this will also serve to increase Jamaica’s global information and communication technology ranking.

With the advent of TV White Spaces (TVWS) technology, a new and affordable way of providing broadband transmission can be offered within Jamaica by utilizing unused portions of the wireless spectrum generally reserved for television. The White Spaces Network will provide internet connectivity for education, police and community centers through Microsoft supported devices and cloud services.

The project is specifically focused on the development of the framework and strategies to assess and expand the adoption of broadband services across Jamaica. With the adoption of TVWS access, White Spaces broadband internet will reach further into rural communities, supporting the delivery of a wide range of socio-economic services, including furthering education through access to the internet in schools.